Investor Relations


PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited or GC is a major shareholder, owning 72.29% market share in GGC. GGC is delegated as "Green Flagship" of the green chemical business under GC Group and GGC also is the pioneer oleochemicals producers in Thailand.

GGC is a currently producer and seller of environmentally friendly basic oleochemicals which is comprised of

  1. Methyl Ester or B100 is used as a blending agent in a high-speed diesel fuel to produce "Biodiesel". Methyl Ester also enhances diesel fuel performance and reduce in pollution for instate PM2.5 problem or environmental impacts.
  2. Natural Fatty Alcohols which is the leading up to the personal care industry and the key ingredients of several products, including surfactants, plasticizers, solvents, fragrances, cleaning agents, foam stabilizers, lubricants, intermediate substances that reduce electrostatic effect in textile industry, cosmetics ingrediants, colorant compounds, leather coating agent, and ink.
  3. Glycerine which is a by-product of Methyl Ester and Fatty Alcohols. Glycerine is used in pharmaceutical, food and personal care industries.

The Company has projects in progress and projects under study which are as follows;

  1. Refined Glycerine Plant 2 Project : The purpose of project is to expand the glycerine market share and capture market growth of high volume industries. The construction is under way and expected to start commercial operation in the fourth quarter of 2020.
  2. Nakhonsawas Biocomplex Project (NBC): : The NBC project is an extension project to Biochemicals and Bioplastics industries. The NBC project will be develpoed into 2 phases which are
    1. The 1st phase of the project consists of a sugarcane mill producing sugarcane syrup and high test molasse, an ethanol plant, a biomass power and steam generator and infrastructure for supporting NBC project. The construction is in the process which is expected to start the commercial operation in the fourth quarter of 2021.
    2. The 2nd phase of the project is currently in process of screening an appropriate technology and partners.
  1. Methyl Ester enhances diesel fuel performance regarding lubrication and better combustion quality, resulting in extended engine life.
  2. Using Biodiesel also reduces pollution for instate PM2.5 problem or environmental impacts.
  • Major customers of GGC for Methyl Ester (B100) are the companies in PTT group and the leading oil companies in Thailand
  • Major customers of GGC for Fatty Alcohols are TEX which is a joint venture between GGC and BASF(Thai) and the leading companies of home personal care both in domestic and international.

Currently, GGC has the factories as follows;

  • Methyl Ester Plant 1 and Plant 2 have nameplate capacity of 300,000 TPA and 200,000 TPA, respectively.
  • Fatty Alcohols Plant has nameplate capacity of 100,000 TPA
  • Glycerine has nameplate capacity of 31,000 TPA

GGC is expanding capacity of glycerine which is under construction and expected to commence the commercial operation of Glycerine Plant 2 in 2020, with nameplate capacity 20,000 TPA. The Nakhon Sawan Biocomplex Project is invested in an ethanol plant with capacity of 186 million litres per year or 600,000 litres per day. The project is expected to be able to start commercial production in 2021.

The domestic price of biodiesel is determined by a resolution of the Committee on Energy Policy Administration, which is used as a reference price for selling by oil refineries and distributors (as defined by the Fuel Trade Act).

The reference price is the regulations for specifying the biodiesel price reflect the real costs of production by considering the costs of 3 main inputs : crude palm oil (CPO), refined bleached and deodorized palm oil (RBD) and palm stearin (PS)

(Following website:

The Nakhonsawan Biocomplex Project is a collaboration between GGC and Kaset Thai International Sugar Corporation Public Company Limited (KTIS), located in the province of Nakhon Sawan, which will be developed in two phases.

  • The first phase of investment consists of;
    1. A sugar mill with a capacity of 2.4 million TPA
    2. An ethanol plant with a capacity of 186 million litres per yea or 600,000 litres per day and based on sugar juice from the sugar mill.
    3. A biomass power plant with a capacity of 85 MW and steam capacity of 475 tons per hour.
    4. Infrastructure for supporting Nakhonsawas Biocomplex project.
      The first phase is a project to prepare infrastructure for supporting to biocomplex phase 2.
  • The second phase of investment is an extension project to bioplastics and biochemicals industries, a project to create value added product from bagasse which is in the process of screening an appropriate technology and partners.

GGC's dividend payment policy is to pay dividend at a rate of no less than 30% of net profit after tax and allocation to all reserve fund of GGC. Such dividend payment however is subject to the investment plan, other necessary, and appropriate considerations in the future.